General Working Benefits

In the pages that follow we cover the general working benefits we offer. Things like pay, annual leave, life membership, free entry to properties, long service awards, the Cycle to Work Scheme and flexible working. You can read about other advantages of working for the Trust under Financial Benefits and Health & Family Benefits. All this on top of working in some of the world’s finest places. No wonder people love working with us.


“I enjoy what I do and am happy with the wages I get. There’s a lot to be said for doing a job you love.”

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About Pay

We benchmark our salaries externally against the Public and the ‘Not for Profit’ sectors, and offer a competitive salary to attract and retain great people. We like to reward performance and progress people through their pay range. We don’t do bonuses, any money we generate goes back into the vital work of the Trust. We think long term not short term.

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Annual Leave

“When I first started working for the National Trust I was entitled to 25 days holiday which was great. I now get 28 days holiday which is even better.”

About Annual Leave

To start, we’ll give you 25 days’ holiday a year. This rises to 28 days after three years and 30 days after 10 years. This is pro-rated if you’re working part time.

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Employee Assistance Programme

“I have used the Employee Assistance Programme before and found the service very helpful.”

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About the Employee Assistance Programme

You’ll have unlimited access to a 24-hour free, confidential telephone helpline. This gives you free advice on a wide variety of issues, information and where appropriate, face-to-face counselling.

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Life Membership

“After 15 years I earned Life Membership which is a wonderful gift for anyone and I look forward to using it when my staff card finally expires.”

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About Life Membership

After 15 years’ continuous service, we’ll give you life membership of the National Trust. It extends to a partner too. This great benefit is worth over £1,500 and gives you free access to Trust properties for life.

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Staff Card

“The Staff Card is a wonderful benefit. It gives me free access to fantastic places and I’ve even been able to introduce friends and relatives to the National Trust – they’ve then gone on to become members.”

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About our Staff Card

The Staff Card entitles you, an accompanying guest and your children (under 18) to free admission to all National Trust properties and 20% discount at our retail and catering outlets. It also entitles you to free admission to National Heritage organisations where we have reciprocal arrangements.

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Partner Card

“My wife is also entitled to a Partner Card, which allows her the same free access when I’m not with her and I have to say this served her well during her maternity leave.”

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About our Partner Card

Our Partner Card gives your spouse or partner (and any accompanying children under 18) free admission to our special places, whether you’re with them or not.

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Long Service Awards

“I’ve earned my 10, 15, 20 and 25 year long service awards. For my 25th year I received a framed photograph.”

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About Long Service Awards

We love recognising long service. We celebrate every fifth anniversary from 10 years service right through to 45 years. At 10 years, we’ll give you a cash sum, which goes up in increments thereafter (payments are subject to tax and National Insurance). At 25 years, we’ll also give you a print that’s framed in wood cut from one of our estates and sized at one of our sawmills. A special gift for a very special contribution.

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Cycle to Work Scheme

“I have had my bike for two years, and I’ve been able to make tax and National Insurance savings spreading the costs over a number of months. It’s a very good scheme. I use my bike in particular to cycle the 11 miles between properties.”

About the Cycle to Work Scheme

Basically, we buy the bike and safety equipment that you choose up to the value of £1,000. We then loan these back to you over an agreed period taking the money from your monthly pay through a ‘salary sacrifice’ arrangement. You effectively pay no tax or National Insurance contributions on these amounts, and that means you can save anything up to 49% of the value of the bike and accessories (depending on the level of tax you pay).

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Flexible Working

“I now work longer days Monday to Thursday and have every Friday at home with my son. This flexibility in my work has become a really important aspect of my life, and undoubtedly the extra day is far more rewarding than the sum of the hours spread over a normal 5-day week.”

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About Flexible Working

Your work-life balance is important to us, and we’ll do everything we can to help you find a healthy one. We have people working on compressed working weeks, flexitime, home working, job sharing, working part-time or on annualised hours (this means, for example, working for 10 months of the year and not working the other two).

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Season Ticket Loan

“I get a season ticket loan: it costs me over £1000 to purchase a travel ticket which pays for my commute from home to work. The Trust gives me a loan to cover the value of the travel ticket and then I pay it back in instalments from my wages. It’s an excellent scheme and really helps me to manage my travel expenses.”

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About Season Ticket Loans

To help you spread the cost of your travel over a year, we offer Season Ticket Loans. As long as you’ve passed your probation period, you can take up this benefit.

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